My daughter Rachel has been involved in spinning and weaving for about eighteen years. During that time she has had many generous teachers and mentors who have helped her along her personal journey in fiber crafts. She is active in our local community’s weaving activities, has taught numerous classes and continues to study and weave at home. She has four looms of various types and sizes set up in our “craft room” along with a variety of other equipment to support her weaving projects.

On the following pages you will find pictures and descriptions of projects she has completed in the past and also items currently for sale. Also, we have introduced some of our own “tools” specific to weaving. This is a new adventure for me because it involves wood instead of metals. There is an inherent beauty in different wood types: different colors of course but also the incredible grain structures. It has been a real treat for me to begin to become familiar with some of these. Thank you for your interest.